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10kMan of the Week: FANE LOZMAN

10kMen fight the good fight.

by 10kJuan on November 28, 2011 · 0 comments

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Who? I said the same when I came across his name this morning sifting through Zite. But after learning about his current battle with North Bay Village in Miami, I will try my best to ensure his name lives on in infamy, in South Florida and beyond.

Fane Lozman, a 50-year-old software developer and University of Miami graduate, has made a name for himself as a local activist and proverbial `David’ to North Bay Village’s `Goliath’ since he arrived in the tiny, three-island South Florida town nearly a decade ago. Having previously fought the city over handicap ramps and dock space at his marina,  his constant battles with the town of about 10,000 have forced a police chief to resign and four members of the commission, including the Mayor, to be arrested.

All this is great, but again, the 10kMan of the Week isn’t just about getting your way and living life on your own terms. It’s about prioritizing the things in life that really matter. And Lozman’s latest crusade is worthy of such inclusion.

The hot topic in North Bay Village at the moment concerns a developer’s desire to build an entertainment complex which would include, amongst other things, a strip club. Now, I’m sure that the developer, Isle of Dreams (strong name), plans on building the classiest establishment possible with a wide range of early bird specials given the demographics of the surrounding areas. Planning & Zoning sees otherwise, however, having shot it down ahead of the City Commission’s decisive vote.

So how is our 10kMOTW involved in all this? According to the Miami Herald article, Lozman was the complex’s sole supporter at the board meeting.

“I wanted this facility,” he said. “Fifty women who showed up and wanted prohibition like they had 80 years ago is not indicative of the majority in this community. The board allowed their influence to be subjected by a small group of people.”

Couldn’t agree more. Strippers, err, dancers need jobs too. And my sources tell me that when dancers/entertainers do well, the surrounding shopping malls do as well. Sounds like a taxpayer-money-free economic stimulus to me. When’s the ribbon-cutting?

For continuing to fight the good fight and asking “Why Not?” with reckless, albeit well-counseled, abandon (see here), Fane Lozman is your 10kMan of the Week.

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